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Saying Goodbye: 10 years with Britain May 24, 2012

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Last week we found out our sweet beagle, Britain, was chronically ill.  She had been losing weight for sometime, but for the most part she was acting normal.  Seriously, just a few weeks ago she was still escaping our yard and roaming the neighborhood.  But last week she stopped eating and we realized something was very wrong.

Terry took her in and after many tests they told us she likely had a cancerous tumor and it was affecting her brain.  We were (are) heartbroken.  I keep asking myself how long had she been so sick?  Why didn’t we know?  But the vet said it would most likely would not have changed the outcome.  We had to make the most difficult decision to say goodbye and let her go.  

10 years…of getting in trouble.  Of getting out of the yard, digging holes, sneaking food, ridiculous vet trips for insane reasons.  10 years of greeting us at the door, getting hair everywhere, and snuggling next to our feet.  10 years of wind blowing her floppy ears.  5 years of being a guard and sister to Owen.  Letting him pull her ears, wrestle and harass, and chase her around with sticks.  

There is a Britain shaped hole in my heart.  In our family.  But I am so glad we didn’t turn around and take her back the day we got her.  She was tick infested and so scared she barely moved on the ride home.  But she was the best dog ever.

I keep filling in the memories of remember the time Britain…




.:Feeling Springy:. April 10, 2011

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Keeping busy…

With random crafty/kid projects.   Owen loved making these (although he did not love waiting overnight for the results).
He is crazy about dinosaurs- although he didn’t understand why the hatched egg didn’t contain baby dinos.
Still love the end results- although I think I like the shells even better then the eggs.
(Got the idea from one of my favorite blogs– they have the best recipes and ideas.)

On a side note- Owen did not love eating the boiled egg. Going to have to figure out a way to get him to try them again- maybe egg salad? Thinking that could be some funky looking deviled eggs too!

A few quotes…

O: Mom, look at that little doggie. I love it. It’s so cute.  Can we get a chipawawa?

O:  Britain is getting old.  I think we need a parrot.

O: Mom, do you want me to turn 5?
R: No, I want you to stay my little man for a long time.
O: Well, that is not going to happen. I am going to go to college.
R: College? When will I see you?
O: When I come home for dinner. I can’t always feed myself.

Never a dull moment.

We are planting herbs and slowly getting our yard back in shape. Half an acre sounds great when we bought the house- but it is a lot of work. Slowly getting our landscaping put in- every year I think we should be playing the lottery. Who knew dirt can cost so much?


Feel the Love February 13, 2011

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XOXO- from our little monster.

(Wanna see your kid giggle?  Put googlie eyes on anything.)


Much love… December 27, 2010

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I Heart Baking October 10, 2010

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Made these today. Made my house smell like spices and fresh dough.

Not just amazing cinnamon rolls, but AMAZING Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls.
And with icing I always think to myself- “don’t put on too much icing”.
But the icing has cream cheese in it- so there can never be too much. Right?
(And another contributing reason why my pants are tight.)

The recipe is from a great blog- you can find it here.
I have two pans in my fridge- ready to rise and bake.
And maybe (just maybe) I won’t burn the bottoms on the next batch.

Happy Baking


.:Quotes of the Summer- 2010:. August 3, 2010

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.:Quotes of the Summer:.

Pictures and quotes from the last few months from our little guy. (The ones we remember and wrote down.)

O: Mom, what is camouflage?
R: It is the coloring animal and people use to blend into their surrounding to hide.
O: Yeah, like on Diego. I need to turn on my camo so that I am not caught by a predator.

After drilling me with questions regarding how babies get in tummies.
O: Here is the line on my stomach that my baby popped out of it.
Then it cried and that is how Makenzy was born.
And I don’t want to go through that ever again.
R: Me neither.

R: Soon you will start school again with a new class and a new teacher.
O: I don’t want a new class. Or a new teacher. I don’t need new friends. I need Mrs. Teresa.

R: O, what do you want for breakfast?
O: Toast and cereal. And I’m gonna need a big bowl of chips.

O to Nana: My mom is my favorist mom in the whole wide world.
(My heart melting!!)

O: Mom, remember that Jesus is in our hearts?
R: Yes, is he in your heart too?
O: Yeah, in my heart and in my belly.

O: Mom, I am growing up. I am growing up like Andy (from Toy Story). And I am getting bigger and bigger.
R: I know you are.
O: And when I grow up, I am going to talk like this- talk, talk, talk, talk talk.

R: O, do you think you ever want a baby brother or sister?
O: No, not really.
R: Why not?
O: I do not want any of Aunt Christina’s children.

R: (after time out) Where do you go when you have to go?
O: In the toilet. But remember when I went on my sock? That was funny.

(Crawling up his loft bed)
O: Mom, can you hold my crap?
R: Umm, yeah. (Laughing and ashamed.  Mental note- do not use that word).

O: Is the lake house far away?
R: Yes, O we just left our house.
O: Is our house far away?
R: Yes, we are half way there.
O: So the lake house is close?
R: No, still only half way there.
O: NOOOOO- everything is too far away.
(The rest of the trip was- Are we close to the lake house?- Every two minutes.)

After Matt got in trouble at the lake
O: Mom, I need to see Matt.
R: He is in trouble, he made a bad choice.
O: Well, maybe I can talk to Connie for him.

O: Mom, where is dad?
R: Work.
O: Oh man, again? He went there yesterday.

O: Mom, is Makenzy my cousin? And I am her cousin?
R: Yes- you are cousins.
O: Then who is my sister?
R: You don’t have a sister. Would you like a sister?
O: Yes. I think we should get Kyah as my sister. Or Morgan.
R: Really, well that’s not how it works.
O: You’re right. Kyah is my friend. And Morgan and Kyler too.

Can’t believe we are at the end of summer. We have survived a broken arm, swim lessons, the zoo, the aquarium, bowling, sleep-overs, a week away with an amazing group of students in Chicago/O at nana & papa’s and great week at the lake with some amazing friends.
I love school supplies (and fall)- but I am not ready to start thinking about school starting yet. I wish I were working on my classroom and going to meetings- but I am still waiting for the door to fly open and for the crazy adventure of teaching to begin. O will be starting full-day preschool in the next few weeks- which just makes me the more crazy thinking about him being somewhere else all week. Very bittersweet. (A teaching job would make it easier- dear Lord hear my prayer!)


Still counting… June 30, 2010

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June 30, 2001- I changed my name from Miss to Mrs- and have never looked back

To my best friend, boyfriend, biggest fan, amazing dad and co-parent- the one I want by my side… here’s to continued blessing and to counting many more laughs, much love, and years of memories.

Terry and I met in high school.  We were not sweethearts- not until he graduated and even then it was long distance and firmly planted in our friendship.  We were both very focused and committed to following whatever God had for us- which meant different schools in different states.  And we didn’t continue dating the whole time- but our friendship was very close and held strong.  He knows so much about me, my family and my childhood.  Long story short- he got jealous, we got back together, he proposed, I said YES.

9 years later-  a great family, a dog, a house, a great kid, and a relationship built on faith, lots of laughter, and a bond of true friendship that cannot be broken.  Love you to the moon and back.